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The most comprehensive database of Canadian elected officials

Represent includes all Members of Parliament, all members of provincial legislatures, and municipal elected officials for 59% of the Canadian population, making it the most comprehensive database of its kind. It has all federal and provincial electoral boundaries, and municipal ward boundaries for 74% of the population. Help us get to 100%.

Developers: Consult the list of boundary and representative sets available, along with sample responses of API calls.

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Groups that use and rely on Represent

From running advocacy campaigns to making legislative information more accessible, organizations use our API to match postal codesOM and addresses to electoral districts and elected official contact information.


Arlo Breault, Carmine Casciato, Andrew Dyck, Rory Geoghegan, Trevor Knight, Matthew Leon, Camilo Lopez, Dylan McCall, Robin Millette, Amir Pakdel, Kamil Politowicz and James Wagner.

Special thanks

Kent Mewhort for legal information, Aran Rasmussen for general help, and the Chicago Tribune’s Boundary Service for code and inspiration.

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